We are a Passionate, Professional and Excited team of Robotics Educators.  Our staff are trained and certified by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy -a pioneer in Robotics Education for over 5 decades.  We take pride in preparing our students  for success and equipping them with all the skills necessary to face the 21st Century World of  Engineering , Computers and Process Automation.

We Are

Excited, Motivated and Friendly Bots

Navigate the world of Robotics.

We Have

Amazing Curriculum meeting 21st Century Standards and Challenges

In the next generation of  Home  Automation and Process Automation,  our curriculum equips the students with the allround skills necessary to compete in this world.  Grade level Math and English are taken into consideration while designing the courses.

We Offer

LEGO WeDo, LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and VEX IQ Robotics Courses, Jr. FLL, FLL, VEX IQ Challenge Competition Workshops

Our courses are designed  are designed taking into consideration different age groups and the associated learning goals for those age groups both in terms of physical and emotional IQ standards. We believe each individual is special and unique. The Projects are designed taking into consideration each kid’s unique interests and skill levels.

Kids have fun 

  1. learning different Robot Building Techniques,
  2. understanding the science behind Robot Components through Videos,
  3. using various theme based projects  learn to program Robots using different Proprietary Robot Programming Languages ,
  4. test drive their Robot Creations in both Physical and Virtual Worlds,
  5. fine tune their BOTS using Iterative Software Design Methodology.