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VEX IQ Robotics & Programming (VEX IQ Robotics – RobotC Graphical and Natural Language)

VEX IQ Robotics & Programming (VEX IQ Robotics – RobotC Graphical and Natural Language)



1. Students learn to use a RobotC Graphical programming language to control VEX IQ Robot System. They will build and program their models with their partner while exploring a series of cross-curricular, theme-based activities to develop their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as language, literacy, and social studies.
2. Students are introduced to the different components of VEX IQ Robotics System namely Motors, Sensors. Students are taught on how these different components function behind the scenes.
3. Students are taught how to write programs in RobotC-Graphical and Natural Language, a dialect of the industry standard C-programming language. RobotC language, is developed by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute. Students will be exposed to programming fundamentals: proper code design: whtespace, comments, and naming; • top-down design: efficient coding practices and decomposition; assignment operators and comparison operators; control structures: while loops, if else statements, switch cases, and for loops ; variable declaration, assignments, and usage; function return values
4. As part of individual challenges and team based projects, students participate in the design discussions, presentations, critical thinking and project planning.
5. Students build different autonomous robots during the duration of different levels of course and complete individual challenges and team based projects.

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