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EV3 Mindstorms – LabView Robotics & Programming ( EV3 Mindstorms – LabView)

EV3 Mindstorms – LabView Robotics & Programming ( EV3 Mindstorms – LabView)

1. Students are introduced to the different components of Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics System namely Motors, Sensors. Students are taught on how these different components function behind the scenes.
2. Students use the Lego Mindstorms Labview Programming interface to control the functioning of robots. Using the structured Projects and mini challenges, students are introduced to different Programming constructs and learn to control the Robot Parts to accomplish a given task.
3. As part of individual challenges and team based projects, students participate in the design discussions, presentations, critical thinking and project planning.
4. Students build more than 5 different autonomous robots during the duration of diferent levels of course and complete individual challenges and team based projects.
5. First Lego League – Students will be introduced to the FLL (First Lego League) challenges and various techniques and strategies involved in the Robot design and as well the Programming constructs.


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